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SPC Works Foundation

SPC Works Foundation is the fundamentals of statistical process control. It is designed specifically without 'the frills' (extra features and options) that make SPC difficult. SPC Works Foundation makes SPC easy. Data is input, data is analyzed automatically, and data may be exported to communicate capability and control.

Collect Data
Analyze Data
Communicate Results

Collect Data
Getting data into SPC Works is easy. A text entry box located on the main screen takes numerical input. Simply entering data and hitting the 'return' key loads a single data point. Each time a data point is loaded statistical control is re-evaluated instantly.

With SPC Works's image windows users may display schematics, drawings, blueprints, or any image alongside control charts and spreadsheets. Users can visually confirm that they are measuring the correct part feature, and prevent themselves from mistakenly entering the wrong data.

Spreadsheet Input
Variable and label/tag data may be editted directly from a spreadsheet. After data is editted, the selected cell moves down automatically ready for the next edit. Copy, paste, even sort data.

Excel Input
Data may be loaded from Excel spreadsheets.

Automatic Data Collection
These features are only offered with SPC Works Automation

Data Collection
Data may be entered manually via a text entry box located on the main screen. Data may also be editted in the spreadsheet.

Record process changes using SPC Works's Logbook. Easily input dates, identifiers, and log entries into a compact dialog. Each logbook entry may be displayed on control charts, allowing users to identify and eliminate causes of process variation.

Analyze Data
Analyzing data is performed automatically in SPC Works. Control status is clearly indicated on the main screen. Out-of-spec samples and out-of-control subgroups are identified on control charts. Capability ratios, histograms, and statistical control are updated in real time as data is input into SPC Works. Subgroup, sample, and logbook entry information may investigated by clicking withing the control charts.

Out-of-Spec Indicators
SPC Works identifies out-of-spec samples on control charts, in real-time, using a bold red 'x'. Users may quickly identify out-of-spec samples and take immediate action.

Out-of-Control Indicators
SPC Works identifies out-of-control subgroups and runs on control charts, in real-time, using a bold orange 'x'. Users may quickly identify out-of-control subgroups and take immediate action.

Status Indicators
SPC Works identifies the status of a process using an easy to see large bold indicator located on the main screen. The status indicator identifies 'out-of-control', 'out-of-spec', or 'out-of-control and out-of-spec' processes.

Interactive Charts
Probe control charts with the mouse pointer to instantly view subgroup, sample, or logbook entry information. Exploring data is easy with interactive control charts.

Sort Data
Sort data chronolgically, alphabetically, or numerically using SPC Works's sorting features.

Communicate Results
Communicating results is made easy with SPC Works's exporting features. SPC Works may export images, web documents, and raw data at the click of a button. The html spreadsheet exports with raw data and process capability information.

Record Process Changes
Recording changes to a process helps to identify special causes of variation. With SPC Works, users can record process changes within a logbook and view each entry on the control charts.

Try SPC Works for Free!
30 day free trials are just a click away

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